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Welcome back to real Texas country music.
Welcome to Yippee Records.

Historically, country music has always been about the country, hence the name, and the common man who worked hard to make a living from it. Its heroes were simple folk. They drove pickups, not Porsches, drank beer, not martinis, worked outside, not in a high rise. They worked hard, got married, most stayed married and they raised their kids to still say "Yes, sir" and "No, ma'am". And, they liked to kick back with their good friends after a long day, actually watch the sun go down and pick a little guitar.

Somewhere along the way, country music began to change. It lost the ways of the common man. Maybe it was because those who were not from the country, admired its simplicity and honesty and wanted to adopt its lifestyle. Or maybe it was just man changing the course of nature. Boots became fancier and never got dirty, jeans got tighter, way too tight to actually work in, and the music became more focused on what sells and not on what really is.

Yippee Records strives to be the independent record label that once again celebrates all those things that are best about country and about Texas - the beautifully diverse landscapes, the honest hard-working people, great guitar picking, ice-cold beer and heart-felt country songs about all of the above. If you are looking for a real Texas musical experience, then Yippee Records is your place.

Located in the musically inclined Denton, Texas, Yippee Records is the home of Brian Houser, the new troubadour for the common man. This Denton singer-songwriter, with his strong Texas Hill Country roots and rural Missouri upbringing, intertwines his common man background and his workingman experiences into a musical journey, all in a blend of country rock, folk and bluegrass music. His two critically acclaimed CD's, Never Look Back and Son of a Common Man (produced by Texas producer of the year, Lloyd Maines) are now available through Yippee Records.

Join us in this uniquely Texas adventure.

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